BCG Land and Lotte Land signed a Strategic Cooperation Agreement


On June 21, BCG Land Company (under Bamboo Capital Group, BCG ) and Lotte Land (under Lotte E&C - Korea) signed a strategic cooperation agreement to jointly develop real estate projects in Vietnam.

In the spirit of the signed document between the two parties, BCG Land is a capable company in developing high-end real estate projects, from searching for opportunities, planning, developing, branding and product positioning. Lotte Land is a company with extensive experience in developing projects in the Vietnamese market with breakthrough design solutions, construction quality management, as well as methodical project management capabilities. The cooperation between BCG Land and Lotte Land will create a joint venture taking advantage of the strengths of each party to develop real estate projects for the Vietnamese market in the near future.


King Crown Infinity project - a high-end real estate project in Thu Duc City developed by BCG Land

Lotte Land Co., Ltd was established in February 2019, is a subsidiary of Lotte E&C Company - one of the member companies of Lotte Group, a real estate project developer and general contractor with prestigious headquarter in Korea and many branches around the world. Lotte Land is promoting many development projects with a focus on Vietnam and Indonesia.

BCG Land Joint Stock Company was established in 2018, is a key member of Bamboo Capital Group - a multi-industry group in Vietnam with more than 30 member companies and associates. BCG Land is focusing on developing high-end residential and resort residence projects across the country. In 2020, BCG Land was honored by Dot Property Vietnam Award as the Leading Sustainable Real Estate Developer in Vietnam.


Casa Marina Premium in Quy Nhon is a 5-star resort complex invested with great enthusiasm by BCG Land

Speaking at the signing ceremony, Mr. Vo Manh Tin - General Director of BCG Land said: “We believe that Lotte Land is a reputable partner with many strengths, experiences and potentials to develop high-end real estate projects together with BCG Land in Vietnam. We will take advantage of the resources of both parties to improve the quality of future projects from planning, design to construction to bring the best real estate products to customers in Vietnam".


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Lotte Group shake hands with Van Phu - Invest to implement projects in Vietnam


Lotte Land and Van Phu - Invest signed a cooperation agreement to jointly seek and expand investment opportunities in urban and commercial real estate projects in Vietnam.

Recently, Lotte Land Company of Korea Lotte Group and Van Phu - Invest Investment Joint Stock Company (HoSE: VPI) signed a Cooperation Agreement to jointly develop projects in many provinces and cities in Vietnam in order to maximize the strengths of both sides.

Accordingly, Lotte Land and Van Phu - Invest signed a cooperation agreement to jointly seek and expand investment opportunities in urban and commercial real estate projects in Vietnam.


The Terra - An Hung project is implemented in Hanoi by investor Van Phu - Invest. Photo: VPI

Lotte Land and Van Phu - Invest are two units with many years of experience in the implementation of projects from the stage of feasibility study, to planning, implementation, business operation ... The cooperation between two parties in residential projects is expected to help increase resources for each party and create a strong development momentum.

With more than 15 years of experience in the real estate industry, especially in the field of planning, construction and implementation of urban real estate projects in many provinces and cities, Van Phu - Invest plays an important role in the research such as location, size of land, current status of land use, planning criteria, etc., thereby giving effective investment options.

Currently, this enterprise owns a large land bank, has a beautiful location in coastal provinces and densely populated urban areas such as Hanoi, Bac Ninh, Quang Ninh, Hai Phong, Hue, Vung Tau, Ho Chi Minh City, and Can Tho… with large-scale commercial real estate projects, diversified in types, spread across many segments.

On the side of Lotte, this is a corporation established in 1948, known as a multinational, multi-industry group headquartered in Songpa-gu, Seoul. Lotte is currently the 5th largest corporation in Korea, Top 10 in Asia with more than 120,000 employees in the country and over 60,000 people abroad, making a significant contribution to Korea's economic development for decades. .

Lotte Group has been doing business in Vietnam since 1996 and has achieved great success. The fact that Lotte Land of Lotte Group cooperates with Van Phu - Invest is considered a positive move of the group in expanding investment in Vietnam. With the rich experience, internal potential and project implementation ability of each party, the cooperation between Lotte Land and Van Phu - Invest promises to mark a new development step for both, and is expected to creating many regional projects for Vietnam in the future.


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Lotte E&C will invest 100 million USD for TTC Land to develop the project


The signing ceremony of strategic cooperation between TTC Land and Lotte E&C - Korea took place on November 21, at the headquarters of Saigon Thuong Tin Real Estate Joint Stock Company (TTC Land).


Mr. Nguyen Dang Thanh - Chairman of TTC Land and Mr. Han Yong Soo - Executive Vice President of Lotte E&C Korea, signed a memorandum of understanding

Accordingly, Lotte E&C, through its Vietnamese subsidiary Lotte Land, will cooperate with TTC Land to develop real estate projects. Lotte E&C plans to invest about 100 million USD in the projects. In the immediate future, 22 million USD will be "poured" into TTC Land early next year.

According to TTC Land's comprehensive restructuring strategy, which was approved at the General Meeting of Shareholders in April 2019, building a "strong and sustainable financial structure" is one of the strategies that TTC Land's Board of Directors will prioritize and accelerate implementation.


This strategic cooperation signing event marks the first success in the company's proactive access to global capital

Lotte E&C, one of the main member companies of Lotte Group, is a real estate project developer and general contractor in all construction fields with head office located in Korea and many branches around the globe.

Established in 1959, Lotte E&C has enjoyed tremendous growth over the decades with recorded revenue of nearly $5.5 billion, total assets of $4.5 billion and more than 3,000 employees.

Lotte E&C is the leader of the housing market in Korea with the supply of more than 20,000 houses per year. The projects invested and built by Lotte E&C have become symbols of the region such as the 123-storey Lotte World Tower in Seoul and the 65-storey Lotte Center Tower in Hanoi.

After a period of working and negotiating, TTC Land and Lotte E&C have reached an agreement and signed a strategic cooperation agreement. Accordingly, TTC Land will research, make planning project and expedit legal procedures, develop a clean land fund for project development; Lotte E&C will build the business structure and financial arrangement for the projects. At the same time, closely participate and contribute to the design, construction and marketing activities of the projects, etc.

At the signing ceremony, representative of Lotte E&C, Mr. Ha Suk Joo - Chairman and CEO - expressed his pleasure to become a strategic partner of TTC Land. He also hoped that the two parties would cooperate closely to successfully develop future projects.

On TTC Land's side, Mr. Nguyen Dang Thanh - Chairman of the Board of Directors expects the cooperation will create a new breakthrough: “Lotte E&C is a real estate project developer and general contractor in all construction fields with strong financial potential. Particularly, TTC Land has 15-year experience in real estate development in Vietnam with an abundant land fund. The cooperation between the two parties is the resonance of strength to implement high-quality projects from planning, design to construction with the goal of creating real estate projects with the best quality and living environment”, said Mr. Thanh.

TTC Land currently owns 27 projects that have been handed over and has been serving over 105,000 customers. Company's total assets value more than VND 11,000 billion, with over 1,500 hectares of land fund, over 600 employees and an investment area expanding to many provinces and cities across Vietnam.

In the past 6 months, TTC Land has implemented many strong corporate restructuring activities following the set plan. Financial restructuring as well as proactive access to global capital is one of the important goals the company will continue to pursue in the near future.

In the direction of a comprehensive transformation strategy, with the business philosophy of "customer-oriented, customer-centric", TTC Land wishes to become one of the best real estate developers with outstanding products. The cooperation with Lotte E&C is an opportunity for TTC Land to access good capital as well as advanced real estate development techniques, which will help TTC Land quickly actualize its business philosophy.

Trong Vu (

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Phu Cuong Group and Lotte E&C signed a strategic cooperation agreement


Phu Cuong Investment Joint Stock Company and Lotte Construction and Engineering Co., Ltd. have just held a signing ceremony - Announcement of strategic cooperation in developing housing and commercial service projects in Vietnam.

At the ceremony, besides signing a bilateral cooperation agreement, the two companies also signed a shareholder contract for the pilot implementation of the first apartment project in Thanh My Loi Ward, District 2, Ho Chi Minh City. This event is expected to pave the way for strong development of new projects in the future for the bilateral cooperation between the two companies.

Thanh My Loi Apartment Project (District 2, Ho Chi Minh City) owns an extremely favorable location, adjacent to the Saigon River with a riverside walkway, about 500m from the administrative center of District 2, is a 25-storey construction with two buildings. Internal space of the apartment integrated with an open architectural system plus a convenient location, therefore it will enjoy the cool fresh air, with full services and utilities for residents including podium shophouses, a lake and a swimming pool with overflowing waterfall as well as gym area... The project will provide 751 apartments in high-end segment with a total investment of more than 1,500 billion VND.

The developer wishes to bring customers the oppotunity to experience and enjoy the new breeze of the apartment with the design of a cool, modern space and outstanding safety. Customers can easily connect to many convenient services around the project with a fairly close distance: Pearl Plaza, District 1, Phu My Hung, Long Thanh Airport, Tan Son Nhat Airport, Cat Lai Port, Vinmec International Hospital, Vinschool International School, Metro Line Station...


Signing ceremony between Hau Giang Company and Lotte E&C

Ms. Nguyen Thi Ngoc Nhu - President and General Director of Hau Giang Commercial Construction Investment Joint Stock Company, a subsidiary of Phu Cuong Group, who signed a Shareholder Contract with Lotte E&C - shared that: “I believe that with Lotte's brand and capacity as well as the prestige and experience of Phu Cuong Company in Vietnam, it will be able to compete and develop a strong commercial real estate industry in Vietnam. At the same time, today, Phu Cuong and Lotte signed a contract to pilot the first project in Thanh My Loi Ward, District 2, HCMC to pave the way for strong development of new projects between the two companies, not only in the field of real estate but also in other fields such as hospitality and tourism..."

The leaders of the two companies also hope that this cooperation will be in line with the development orientation of the Vietnamese government on the goal of world trade integration, calling for large-scale, high-tech foreign investors to make Vietnam one of the leading economic development countries in the region and reach out to the world.


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