Lotte E&C has been executing construction and remodeling projects with urban-life functions such as high-rise, complex, distribution facilities, office facilities, education, medical facilities, logistics, leisure, sports, religious facilities, etc. Overseas, we are working on development-oriented investment projects and contracts through technique-oriented bidding. Through this, we are strengthening our competitiveness to respond to opportunities in areas with mid·long-term expansion potentials such as urban development and urban regeneration domestically and overseas.

Detailed Business Area


Lotte E&C is the pioneer in construction of skyscrapers, the assembly of modern construction technologies, using cutting-edge technologies that challenge absolute limit value.

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Building Complexes

Since the 1970s, Lotte E&C has accumulated know-how on premium building one by one. The construction of complex facilities consisting of buildings, offices, and tourist facilities such as shopping malls, theme parks, hotels, etc. is made up of constant exploration and efforts on human and space; a masterpiece of modern architecture.

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Distribution Facilities

The construction performance of Lotte E&C’s department stores – which are crowded with many people, and discount stores – a big trend of modern distribution, show the accumulation of know-how that other competitors cannot keep up with. The establishment of distribution facilities such as Lotte Department Store and Lotte Mart is made through constant exploration and efforts for human and space.

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Airport·Logistics / Education·Research Facilities

Other facilities include education, research facilities, airports, logistics facilities, etc. Through the construction of a wide range of buildings that incorporates technology capacity, we are successfully constructing buildings with top-tier functional and aesthetical qualities.

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