Lotte Land incessantly strives to accomplish its new vision of becoming a Global Leading EPC Contractor. Based on professional expertise and global networks, we have won many contracts by targeting rising countries such as Vietnam and Indonesia.

Detailed Business Area


Lotte Land leads new housing trends and provides various types of high-end housing based on customers' preferences and convenience overseas. Since 2019, we have expanded our business with bountiful experiences and know-how, by building apartments, low-rise residences, and shop houses.

Commercial & Mixed-use Development

Lotte E&C and Lotte Land have worked on non-housing commercial facilities(hospital, studio, shopping mall) like Lotte World Tower and Center Hanoi. With our experience of big projects, from establishing business plans, finding tenants, to raising finance, we will dig up and broaden our business

Lotte Group Projects

The capacity of Lotte Land to work with Lotte affiliates is a strong point, including examples such as the Thu Theim project, a large multi-complex carried out in conjunction with Lotte Hotel which is to be a landmark in Vietnam. The development of the former Lotte Mart site into the Lotte shopping mall and apartment complex in Kelapa Gading, Indonesia.

Projects as a Total Service Provider

To diversify our business and improve competiveness, we build and develop TOD(Transit Oriented Development), township and logistics. By cultivating new types of business sectors, Lotte Land aims to be a global game-changer in this industry.