Lotte E&C is playing an important role in the expansion of land development and national infrastructure domestically and overseas through projects such as transportation and logistics facilities (road, railway, subway, airport, port), landfill and site preparation (residential land, industrial complex, port hinterland), water environment facilities (water supplies, water purification, sewage, waste water, waste water treatment), irrigation facilities (dam, waterway, hydro-electric power plant).

Based on the existing achievements and strengths held in the fields of roads, railways, and subways, we are reinforcing planning, feasibility analysis, and technology for various business models (such as subcontract, turnkey, private investment) focused on products that have marketability and can be differentiated (such as land transportation facilities, site preparation, water environment facilities, ports, etc.)

Detail Business Areas

Land Transportation Facilities

In the field of land transportation facilities, we are reinforcing our ability to perform longspan bridges and longspan tunnels. Moreover, in the field of water environment facilities, we are developing water treatment technologies for each characteristic such as water supplies, water purification, and sewage using our internal R&D resources or jointly developed with external experts and institutes. Through this, we aim to showcase our differentiated competitiveness through technical capacity.


Water Environment

Our completed and on-going projects in the environment area (water treatment) include major water treatment projects for a better environment such as the Sokcho Sewage Treatment Facility, Yeongdo Sewage Treatment Facility, Dongbu Sewage Treatment Facility, Ulsan Gulhwa-Gangdong Sewage Treatment Facility, Busan Sumin Division, Daeyeon/Moonhyeon Division, Sajik-Jangjeon Division, Jeonpo-Beomcheon-Moonhyun Division, etc. We are also operating various water management projects such as Operating Site of the 2nd Extension Stage of Pohang Sewage, Operating Site of Beolgyo-Hoecheon Sewage. At the same time, we are reinforcing our capabilities as a leader in the future water environment industry by promoting the Pohang reuse of treated waste water project with a scale of 100,000 tons/day for the first time in Korea.


Private investment project of Reuse of Treated Waste Water of Pohang City (2012.02 ~ 2014.07)

Private investment project of Nongso Sewage Treatment Facility (2013.02 ~ 2016.02)

Golf Club · Dam · Complex Development

In the field of environment-friendly green construction and housing culture improvement, we have completed projects such as Yongin Dongbaek Landscape Construction, Yongin Dongtan Landscape Construction, etc. Currently, the Asan Baebang Landscape and Jinju City Landscape are under construction. Moreover, there are Jeju Sky Hill C.C, and Gimhae Sky Hill C.C., etc. which were designed and constructed as environment-friendly golf courses that harmonize with nature. In addition, we will successfully open Bears Best Cheongna C.C located at the central business district of Cheongna Division of Incheon Free Economic Zone, and illustrate our leading position in sustainably developing environment-friendly golf clubs.


Cheongna Bears Best Country Club (2009.09 ~ 2012.01)

Woongcheon Division Residential Land Development (2004.04 ~ 2016.06)